Bovis Learning and Performance Certification

About the project

• Are you still struggling  about  how to enhance the influence of organization internal training ? It is the  time to transform your mind and reposition yourself.Only when the training can actually serve the business development and company strategies by supporting the talent development, training will be truely showing,its expertise and influence. 

• How to make training support business development and corporate strategy, how to make a seamless combination of training and individual development,how to not make traning evaluation troublesom?  BLPC Learning and Performance Specialist certification is a comprehensive program which will help our training managers improve their professional capabilities by 3 major modules and 8 courses.The curriculum is fully based on their daily and typical working tasks. 

Why choose us

Content systematic - Based Training Manager typical tasks: 3 major modules 8 training courses focusing on managers typical tasks.
Ability standardization - Training Manager reference ASTD Competency Model released: Each course includes comprehensive training 1-4 kinds of professional competence.
Diverse forms of learning - based on adult learning principles: Training methods include formal training, benchmarking study, practice sharing and discussion, etc., so that the students can learn from practice,benchmark study and interaction with others.
Learning content specialization - Practical: All the courses are developed by the experienced learning experts from Fortune 500 companies under the guidance of couse design experts.


Why choose us


Module Core module Curriculum Forms of learning Price
Module 1: Responsibilities and roles positioning Help students redefine their responsibilities and roles, being business partners and  internal performance consultant, lead the learning revolution. 1 From the training manager to performance consultant - training manager's role 1 day training 
0.5 days benchmarking
2 Consulting skills 1 day training
Module II: Training System Plan Plan for key talents' developmet , build task job tasks based curriculum, build  internal trainers' team which supported by management team.  3 Key talent training plan 2 days training 
0.5 days benchmarking
4 Job task based training curriculum plan. 2 days training
5 Built of internal trainer system  0.5 days benchmarking 
0.5 days seminar
Module 3: Training Operations Management Course contents are designed  and developed by the actual needs of corporate.Make annualtraining plan based on corpate development strategies and business needs. Design,execute and evaluate ltraining programs,. How to screen external vendors.  6. Curriculum design and development 2 days training 
0.5 days practice sharing
7 Training needs analysis and make of  annual training plan 1 day training 
0.5 days seminar
8 Learning project management 1 day seminar


Project benefits

• systematic practical course: Course design is based on typical tasks.Capacity development is referred to ASTD professional competence model, It comprehensively impove indivdual professional skills by 6 months,3 major modules and 8 courses' learning.
• Learning from our top learning and  performance experts. All trainings are over 15 years experience in Fortune 500 companies,specializing in organizational development and talent development.

• Network:learn and communicate with other training managers from vavious industries.Network extension and resource sharing. 
• Value-added platform: All the participants from Bovis Training Managers Club can join all kinds of professional seminars,salons to get updated by first-handed popular information in the industry. 
• Professional Certificate: All the participants will be given the professione graduation certificate after they finish.all the courses and how work,and under the approval of our expert.evaluation team. 

Application Guide


Application Object: Person in charge of medium-sized corporate training, organizational development officer or person in charge of human resources related positions.
Application requirements: 2 years and above  training management experience who want to be organization internal learning and performance expert.
Time: • Two phases a year, each phase is 6 months, Twice a month,Friday and Saturday, 
Venue: Shanghai
Fee: 6800/ person (includes lunch, refreshments)
Contact: 021-51600166-812  Rain Zhang

Core faculty

All lecturers project has the world's top 500 enterprises around 15 years experience in organizational development and personnel training experience, their theory solid, experienced rapid growth in the occupation continue to accumulate and precipitate good practice.Project in which they will be dedicated to impart knowledge, share best practices.


Margie Hu
Senior consultant / trainer
Coach within the learning field. Result orientation. 
More than 10 years working experience in MNC. Force on training field.
More than 8 years experience within course design and development / building learning map and learning paths field as a consultant.
"Professional" is her single positioning, Instructional Design / Foster Internal trainer team / How to building learning map and how to building learning paths are her key strengths. 
Angela Xu
Senior consultant / trainer
MBA of Hong Kong City University, Certified in Human Resources Management (Grade 2), Angela has served several fortune 500 companies such as famous hotel group, Consulting Company and foreign Bank, with positions held such as Internal Trainer, Corporate Training & Development Director, Consultant and Head of Organization & Learning, etc. Angela has more than 15 years experience in both corporate training and organization development fields. With an in depth understanding of organization development pattern, she has gained rich experience in developing corporate level OD strategy and learning framework. Besides, she herself was a certified trainer and skilled in both program designing and facilitation. In her 15 years of career experience, she has led in designing and implementing more than 20 leadership training programs and many organization development models & tools.
Emma Wang
Senior consultant / trainer
DBA of United Business Institutes, Belgium & Tongji University
MBA of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Belgium
With over 15 years of focused working experience in Training & Development, Emma has accumulated vast and solid experiences in training & development, especially in Leadership & People Development and other interpersonal soft skills
Monna Jia
Senior consultant / trainer
8 years consulting and training experience, Monna has worked for several famours consulting companies, such as BearingPoint, HAY Group & IBMGBS. Her expertise includes Strategic HR Planning, Organizational Design & Transformation, Organization Capability Building, Competency Modeling, Assessments, Leadership Development & Career Management, etc. 
Rina Wan
Senior consultant / trainer 
CIPT certificated trainer, PDI & KornFerry certificated coach
15 years experience in human resource management and training. Focus on internal trainer training, talent management and leadership development program design and other professional fields, Rina has led several large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in the domestic internal trainer training and curriculum development projects.


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